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HYDROBALANCE swimming pools and natural swimming pools – biopools

HYDROBALANCE offers professional filter sets for many different applications. Our filter sets are known for their excellent results.

The filter system HYDROBALANCE has been operating since 1998Since that time none of our installed filters had to be replaced.

HYDROBALANCE is the only filtering system, which uses slow and fast filters in one common filtration system.

Filter sets from HYDROBALANCE reliably achieve high quality water. For your satisfaction, we combine experience with our know-how. You simply recognize it.3.10.09 017

The HYDROBALANCE filter: classic for the highest water quality.

The HYDROBALANCE filter system is characterized mainly with its close connection with nature.

The HYDROBALANCE filter system offers significant advantages, which we have outlined for you in a brief summary.

Thanks to its compact construction, the filter system can be easily installed even in lakes with unusual designs.

The filter does not require any light and therefore can be installed even in shaded areas (at great depth or in the underground wells etc.).

The HYDROBALANCE filter stimulates the natural purification process of your water without chemicals or other pollutants.

Thanks to the HYDROBALANCE filters you are guaranteed both crystal-clear water and optimal hygienic conditions. Since the first use of this technique (1998) no HYDROBALANCE filter system has worn out and needed to be exchanged.

The HYDROBALANCE: With vast experience and strong sense for natural phenomena in your own water facilities.

Through using natural phenomena the filter system achieves maximum efficiency with a minimum of energy.

The filter system is based on the principle of mechanical-biological water purification. Mechanical filters will carry out the removal of firm mineral and organic particles from water. This supports the biological purification process. The pre-filtering is already carried out through the layers from gravel 16/32 and 4/8.

The biological purification processes cause the transformation of microscopically small substances or solute. This is done due to microorganisms, which settle at the surface and in the gaps of the run-through filter substrate. The bigger this surface is, the bigger the habitat is available for the microorganisms.DSC_0003

The more diverse an environment that can be arranged, the better the whole system works as the different types of microorganisms prefer different water conditions (for example aerobic or anaerobic areas in the water).

Slow filters used primarily for the purification of drinking water, filter out particles which are microscopically small up to bacterium size. Thus, they guarantee crystal clear water and optimal hygienic conditions. Fast filters build biofilm supplied with oxygen on the surfaces, which binds the mineralized nutrients. Thus, the content of nutrients is reduced and the growth of algae in the water prevented.

Thanks to support of biological processes, just as it naturally happens in rivers, the filter system maximizes the decomposition and absorption of nutrients in water with the minimum use of energy. Due to its compact building system and flexible options for installation the Hydrobalance Filters can be installed in all natural pools without any need for additional space. The filter can be placed in a separate small pond section, the skimmer pond, and can be positioned in the direction of the prevailing wind. The water is sucked through the filters and then pumped to the opposite side of the pond via the pump. Thus, a surface current is created in the prevailing direction that transports foliage and petals into the filter or the skimmer pond, where they can be easily removed with fishing net. Furthermore, the Hydrobalance filters can also be installed on the shores or in the deep part of lake designed for swimming. The filter does not need any light and therefore can be installed also in underground wells.